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Chef Specials

Item Name Price

M01 Spicy Double Flavor

Beef And Scallops With Black Pepper in Brown Sauce.(Spicy)

M02 Sesame Chicken

Tender Crispy Chicken Sauteed In The Chef's Special Sauce With Sesame.

M03 General Tao's Chicken

Tender Crispy Chicken Sauteed In The Chef's Special Spicy Brown Sauce With Peppers.(Spicy)

M04 Orange Beef

Tender Crispy Beef Sauteed In The Orange Flavored Brown Sauce.(Spicy)

M05 Happy Family

Shrimp, Scallops, Beef And Chicken With Broccoli, Mushrooms, Carrots And Baby Corn.

M06 Thai Shrimp & Chicken

Green Beans Sauteed With Chicken And Shrimp In A Thai Sauce.(Spicy)

M07 Seafood Deluxe

Shrimp, Scallop, Squid, Crabmeat, And Vegetables Sauteed in A Light Sauce.

M08 Orange Chicken

Deep Fried Chicken Sauteed in The Chef's Distinctive Orange Flavored Sauce. (Spicy)

M09 Kung Pao Tripple Delight(

Shrimp, Chicken, Beef, Prepared In A Traditional Spicy Kung Pao Sauce W/ peppers And Peanuts.(Spicy)

M10 China Town Stir Fry

A Unique Combination Of Shrimp, Chicken, Beef And Mixed Vegetables.

M11 Crispy Shrimp

Deep Fried Prawns Smothered In The Chef's Special Sauce And Garnished With Steamed Broccoli. Spicy

M12 Four Treasures

Scallops, Shrimp, Beef, Chicken Sauteed With Vegetables In A Spicy Garlic Sauce. Spicy

M13 Cashew Double

Chicken And Shrimp With Cashew Nuts In Brown Sauce.

M14 Amazing Chicken

Slice Chicken Breast Sauteed With Garden Greens in Fan's Special Sauce This Sauce Makes This Dish Amazing! Spicy

M15 Tangerine Chicken

Sliced Chicken Breast Lightly Battered In Lotus Flour & Quickly Fried Until Outside is Crispy, Then Cooked In A Spicy Tangerine Sauce.(Spicy)

M16 Amazing Shrimp

Jumbo Shrimp Sauteed With Garden Freens In Fan's Special Sauce. This Sauce Makes Dish Amazing! (Spicy)

M17 Tangerine Shrimp


M18 Tangerine Beef


M19 Hunan Triple Delight


M20 Mongolian Triple Delight


M21 Sesame Beef


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